I just love a good party!

I’ve been watching the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration over the weekend.  Even though I’m a Mid Western born American gal I just love the U.K.

Luckily enough I have made some life long friends  there and have been over to visit several times. I am currently going through withdrawals as we speak. lol

History has always been a favorite subject of mine. America is so young compared to England. The first thing that struck me on my first trip over was how amazing it was to see everyday buildings that were older than anything I’d ever seen. Design that is so tied to England. The thatched roof houses and Tudor style buildings are just lovely.

But the most impressive thing to me was all the grandeur surrounding the Queen. I was able to tour the House of Parliament and the House of Lords. See the Queen’s throne. The protocol and tradition is something to behold. Watching the Jubilee festivities has been amazing. The boats on the Thames were just beautiful. My friends have all had parties and taken part in the celebration. The unity for their Queen is such an impressive force.

Here I am at Sandringham, the Queens Summer estate. It was a lovely sunny day.

This is almost a full view of Sandringham

The punt boats at Cambridge. The weeping willows are just gorgeous

This is a pic I took and made into a print of a Statue of King Henry VIII on the side of King’s Chapel at Cambridge.

Last but not least a tag I made in honor of the British spirit.

I made this with Ranger tags, Tim Holtz ink and distress stains, Tim Holtz embellishments, some great stamps by Artistic Outpost, ribbon and a great heart skull charm. lol Oh and some 7 gypsies gaffers tape.

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2 thoughts on “I just love a good party!

  1. I love the tag xx Hope you have enjoyed tonights concert as much as we did, it was great to see the Queen enjoying herself with her family, I only reget living so close but not being there in the Mall xx

    • Thanks! Oh that would’ve been amazing! It looks like it was fun. I saw a bit of Robbie Williams opening. My English friends were all twittering along with the show. I did hear about Grace Jones hula hooping. lol