What a difference a year makes

This is slightly off the crafting, artsy path. I was looking through pics from last year. Last year was tough, probably the toughest in our lives.

My husband was going through cancer treatment. By this time he had  surgery, then finished chemo by itself and was starting chemo and radiation. We had a couple of days and took our boys to the beach. It was our oldest son’s birthday, and we all needed a break. Time to be normal.

The beach felt great. It was hot earlier than normal. The water was perfect. There were lots of little baby stingrays swimming about. They were like puppies. Kinda freaky when they would touch your feet, but they were cute.

We knew my husband might have trouble eating during radiation, his cancer was at the base of his tongue so the radiation would be focused on his mouth and throat area. We were afraid he wouldn’t be able to eat solid food once radiation started. We grilled steak on a charcoal grill outside our hotel room. It was the best steak I ever had. Everything about our trip was “the best ever”

Here is a pic from one of the days of my hubby.

all his glorious hair gone. Now I see he was a little puffy from the steroids. But smiling. I so love him! 🙂


The rest did us such good. The kids felt better I think seeing Dad act normal. lol

Ah. the wet towels hanging on the line. The symbol of a good day at its end.

Fast forward a year…..

Here is a pic of my silly man with my Beat the Odds canvas. I thought it was fitting to have him holding that sign. We have just over 4 years of check ups to go to pronounce his total “cure” But if time keeps flying by like it has since we were at the beach it will be here in the blink of an eye. I have 24 yrs of marriage that I would like to at least double with this fella, not to mention our first date was our senior year 30 years ago. I’m kinda used to him now :).

Here’s a better pic of him.

Isn’t he handsome :)…..



4 Responses

  1. Lynn
    Lynn May 15, 2012 at 4:31 pm | |

    I’m wishing you both all the luck in the world to beat this dreadful thing.
    Your husband looks a lovely man and he’s fought his way through all the treatment. Keep positive and I hope the next four years result in him getting the all clear!

  2. karen christopherson
    karen christopherson May 16, 2012 at 12:19 pm | |

    Yes, he is very handsome, and one lucky guy to have a wife who loves him so much. My husband has been going through chemo also, for a different type of cancer, for the past 3 years. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayer.